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KylixA.N.T.E. is a dietary supplement formulated to remove ADH and ALDH and other by-products from drinking alcohol. A.N.T.E. removes these by-products from your liver, bloodstream and brain. It supports your body's normal mechanism for breaking down alcohol. Take KylixA.N.T.E.before drinking alcohol to wake up feeling more like yourself and ready to take on your day!

Based on the formulation and testing of the product, KylixA.N.T.E.should be taken before, during drinking alcohol. The next morning it is recommended to follow up with Kylix M.A.R.S. (still in the testing phase) to combat any of the remaining effects of prior night and remember to always rehydrate the morning after.

KylixA.N.T.E. does not prevent you from getting intoxicated nor does it help sober you up. Please drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

We recommend taking KylixA.N.T.E. anytime you consume alcohol, no matter the amount or time of day. There are no known side-effects of KylixA.N.T.E..

Even if you only consume one drink, you can still experience the effects of alcohol, and KylixA.N.T.E. is designed to reduce those unwanted effects.

KylixA.N.T.E. is most effective when taken while drinking the night before. By the time you wake up with a hangover, most, if not, all the alcohol has already been metabolized. A.N.T.E. is designed to help you metabolize alcohol faster so that you wake up with less of the effects of your drinks. That being said, you can take A.N.T.E. the next morning, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to have the same level if you had taken it before drinking. However, if you do wake up still feeling meh, you can take KylixM.A.R.S. with water, and drink up! This Morning After Recovery System is formulated to deliver hydration in the safest possible way, to take down any left over effects on the previous night. That way you can carry on your day. If you couldn't skip your hangover this is the next best thing.

A.N.T.E. does not lower your blood alcohol level, nor will it make you sober or prevent intoxication. A.N.T.E. breaks down the by-products of alcohol. You will still become drunk. So, drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

A.N.T.E. is more like a supportive dietary supplement for people who drink.

No. KylixA.N.T.E.is not a drug. It is a dietary supplement. It will not make you piss hot.

Well, We’re not Physicians and everyone is different and so is every medication. We recommend and highly suggest that you talk to a physician if you are concerned with taking KylixA.N.T.E.

If you are pregnant you should never drink alcohol. If you want to take it as a daily, dietary supplement, please consult a Dr. or registered health care physician before taking KylixA.N.T.E..

Yes, KylixA.N.T.E. is a dietary supplement. You can cross borders with it. You’re allowed to travel with supplements for personal use, so you should have no problem crossing any borders. All of our ingredients are either: amino acids, vitamins, herbs, or electrolytes.

Should you have a specific dietary restriction, please consult your physician before taking KylixA.N.T.E..

KylixA.N.T.E.’s formula is a blend of scientifically tested ingredients designed to combat the effects alcohol metabolism has on the body. These Ingredients reduce the concentration of ADH, ALDH and ammonia from the liver, blood and brain. For further questions refer to our supplement fact panel.

KylixA.N.T.E.contains no caffeine. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Dietary supplements are not reviewed and approved by the FDA. Our products are over the counter dietary supplements; they cannot be “approved” by the FDA. However, the ingredients are all manufactured and packaged in accordance with F.D.A. regulations and manufactured in cGMP facility that adhere to very strict standards for quality and your safety.

KylixA.N.T.E. should be stored at room temperature. Do not freeze or expose this product to prolonged sunlight and heat. Once you open the pouch, you should take the entire 3 capsule dose for optimum results.

KylixA.N.T.E. is manufactured and packaged in USA (Spanish Fork, UT) at a facility that is current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP certified). cGMP is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimize the risks involved in any pharmaceutical or nutraceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product. cGMP covers all aspects of production from the starting materials, premises, and equipment to the training and personal hygiene of staff. Detailed written procedures are essential for each process that could affect the quality of the finished product. There must be systems to provide documented proof that correct procedures are consistently followed at each step in the manufacturing process - every time a product is made. We do this because we care about the quality of a product that we share with you.

Yes, “Flushing” is actually caused by acetaldehyde not being cleared from the bloodstream due to genetic reasons that affect ALDH enzymes. Our ingredients have been shown to speed up the rate at which acetaldehyde gets cleared from the bloodstream. Helping out the flush.

At the moment No. But when it becomes  available for International sales we will notify those our subscribers list and post it on our site. Register in the keep in the loop form at the bottom of the page. If there are any questions about this please send an email to: support@kylixlife.com.

KylixA.N.T.E. has no flavor as it is in a capsule. Tthe primary reason we did this was you don't have to worry about taste.

Yes, you can. But, we don’t recommend it! The ingredients inside our capsules don't taste great, like a lot of supplements, which is why we put our product in a capsule.

We look forward to answering any of your questions you may have about KylixA.N.T.E. You can reach us through social media or email us at: support@kylixlife.com