An ounce of prevention is worth a gallon of cure

Kylix A.N.T.E. is a natural hangover recovery supplement made with a phenomenal blend of clinically-backed ingredients that help support your recovery post alcohol consumption.

Hangovers suck!

How can you avoid them?

Kylix A.N.T.E. is the solution. . .

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A Pre-Alcohol Supplement

Take KylixA.N.T.E. before drinking alcohol. When your body breaks down alcohol it produces acetaldehyde, a byproduct, which wreaks havoc on your body. KylixA.N.T.E. is designed to break down acetaldehyde. Giving you the confidence to enjoy the night out and skip the hangover...

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Skip The hangover

Be Irresponsibly Responsible

Let A.N.T.E. skip your hangover so you can let loose, responsibly...

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I was dreading the weekend drinking binge with my buddies because of the hangover after. Bought these hangover pills and these did the trick.

Mauricio R.

Long Beach, CA


Went to Vegas and hit the Tequila pretty hard. The next day is always the worst. But This Sh*t worked. A good morning after Tequila. What???


Salem, UT


I'm always skeptical of miraculous sounding products. But, these capsules delivered.


Detroit, MI


My only regret is not finding this sooner lol


Los Angeles, CA


I LOVE Kylix, if you hate hangovers - you'll love this. This is my new BFF!


Los Angeles, CA

Tame the Four Horsemen

Skip Hangovers With Kylix A.N.T.E.

Don't let your competitive drinking Olympics get in the way of having a productive morning.

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KylixA.N.T.E. 8 Dose Box
KylixA.N.T.E. 8 Dose Box
KylixA.N.T.E. 8 Dose Box
KylixA.N.T.E. 8 Dose Box
KylixA.N.T.E. 8 Dose Box

KylixA.N.T.E. 8 Dose Box

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 8 doses (24 capsules per box)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
I finally found a product that actually did exactly what it said it does 🎉🍻

Im I former bartender and now functional alcoholic🤷 I honestly do have many hangovers but I do go above and beyond to hydrate. But we all have nights that are full of cocktails made by others and the night ends the next morning and shit happens. About a year ago I found kylix. I have zero faith in anything nowadays so I put it to the test with my wife and posted a video. Find the post but 20 sugar shots in beers and cocktails we ended the night with it and not only woke up fine we woke 1 hour earlier than normal and actually felt energized. 🤷 Not sponsored just a real review. And that was both my wife and my honest result the next day. I have sence just started taking it before we go out and it gives me a nice boost and I still hydrate but 100%of the time we both Wake up feeling like we did nothing the night before. This is absolutely something that does something I don't understand but works as advertised and in way's it doesn't advertise. Cheers kylix

Great Product

It's a reliable, effective solution that has positively impacted my post-celebration experiences. If you're looking for a game-changer in managing the aftermath of a night out, this product is certainly worth considering.

Amazing results

I have been using Kylix now for over a year and I will say it works when used as directed. It is my go to supplement for drinking now



kathy johnson

this is the best all week party no hangover i will buy it again


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