Our Mission:

To provide a solution to an age-old problem, Hangovers. 

Rough mornings, nausea, headaches, low motivation, and no will to live are common symptoms of hangovers. Trying to go to work in the morning after a fun night out is a nightmare! 

And honestly, it doesn’t get any easier with age.

Well, we thought it should not have to be like this, and now, it doesn't! Forget eating greasy food, chugging raw eggs or whatever strange hangover cure your grandfather told you about. We created KylixA.N.T.E. to help take back your day. It helps support your liver's normal metabolic function; each ingredient providing the boost you need. 

KylixA.N.T.E. helps you bounce back so you can do more. Skip the Hangover and feel the difference KylixA.N.T.E. makes. 

Leone Lobendahn

In college I thought I wanted a career, as it turns out I just wanted money. I’m very allergic to being broke.  

Seeing so many people wasted and not being able to function the following morning, I set out trying figure out how anyone could literally skip the hangover.  

Fast forward to the present day, we figured it out! We started KylixLife to address the dreaded hangovers and make money helping people.  

Skip the Hangover!! 

Kyle Bowler, MBA, Army Medic

Anyone that has been in the military and lived in the barracks knows what Monday morning looks like. Being an Army Medic, my room looked like a MASCAL on the weekends. I saw firsthand how brutal hangovers are.  

After a couple of tours of duty trying to figure out what to do with my life. I figured I might as well help people skip the hangover and make a living while doing just that. The solution: start KylixLife! 

As a medic, I strongly recommend you take KylixA.N.T.E. whenever you drink. (Your liver will thank me later).